Music to Your Audience's Ears

Oct 6, 2016 at 8:52am

Music has been around for centuries and early man even communicated using music when there was no other common language. Whether found as a series of drum beats, a religious chant or an ancient end-blown flute, music has spanned generations, cultures, countries, and peoples around the world since the beginning of man’s existence.

Since the advent of advertising in the late 1800s, advertisers have been wise to the connection that music has to the human mind and heart. Music evokes emotion and really sticks with people as we recall music as part of the cultural and emotional framework of our lives. 

Think back to some of the most famous advertisements of all time. A lot of them are catchy jingles created to make us feel a certain way. Remember this classic feel good Coca Cola jingle? What about this adorable one from Oscar Mayer? Great commercial jingles are instantly recognizable and often timeless. For instance, Meow Mix was able to capitalize on America’s obsession with cats with this infectious ad way before the advent of YouTube and the cat video craze.

If you’re trying to establish an identity for your business, you face the challenge of reflecting your brand’s personality and enticing people to actively listen to your voiceover. So here are a few tips to ensure that the music of your brand will strike a chord.

Play to Your Audience – First things first, you need to feel out the crowd. Do they feel like dancing, or do they want something mellow? Do they like oldies or new stuff? Knowing your target audience is key to developing effective branding. You need to understand not just the demographics, but also the psychographics of the people you want to reach. Once you lock down your target audience you can start creating/selecting music that communicates your brand’s personality in ways that your audience can relate to.

Keep it Consistent – An advertising campaign is like an album. Imagine if Led Zeppelin IV had included a country song about drinking beer and goin’ muddin’ in a pickup truck. It would have seemed out of place and hindered the overall feel of the record. Brand recognition is all about exposure. The more your audience is exposed to a consistent message, the more likely it will be remembered.

Brevity is Best – Just as no one wants to see six long paragrpahs of text on the homepage of your website, no one wants to listen to a 14 minute song. Keep it concise because you want to make your key messages stick without any extra fluff.

It’s Gotta Have a Hook –  When utilizing music in your projects, your audience may only remember bits and pieces of the verses, but there's one line they can't stop singing. Good music evokes emotion and when this music is used strategically in your voiceover projects, the emotion will translate. Whether it be humor, nostalgia, or excitement, you need to use an appeal that reflects the personality of your business and helps people form a connection to your brand. 

Original music, sound design and jingle creation are just a few of the services we offer. If you're interested in blipping the throttle of your latest voiceover project, give us a call at 701-232-3393 or visit We would love to help.

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